Historical Icon to Culinary Delight

The Tale of Parker House Rolls and The Exchange at The Restoration 

Bread, in its many forms, has been a staple of human diets for millennia. However, few bread rolls carry the rich history and enduring legacy of Parker House Rolls. These soft, buttery rolls have been gracing American dining tables for over a century, and The Exchange at The Restoration Hotel in Asheville proudly continues this tradition by using the same cherished recipe. Let’s journey through time to discover the story behind Parker House Rolls and how they’ve found a home at The Restoration. 

The Birth of Parker House Rolls

The story of Parker House Rolls begins in the early 1870s at the iconic Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. This historic establishment was a hub for politicians, literary figures, and notable guests of the era. According to legend, it was here that a disgruntled diner flung a hot roll at a waiter, accidentally flattening it before it was baked. The creative chef decided to bake the rolls in this distinctive folded form, giving birth to the now-famous Parker House Roll. 

The rolls were an instant hit. Their unique shape, soft interior, and golden-brown crust made them a sensation, and they soon became a beloved staple not only at the Parker House Hotel but in homes and restaurants across the country. 

The Legacy of Parker House Rolls

Over the years, Parker House Rolls became synonymous with warmth, comfort, and good food. They were often served at special occasions and holiday feasts, a testament to their enduring appeal. The recipe for these rolls was closely guarded and passed down through generations, a cherished culinary tradition. 

Parker House Rolls at The Exchange 

Fast forward to today, and you can still savor the same exquisite taste of Parker House Rolls at The Exchange, an elegant dining establishment located within The Restoration Hotel in Asheville. The chefs at The Exchange have taken great care to preserve the authenticity of the original recipe, ensuring that every bite evokes the same warmth and comfort as those rolls first enjoyed at the Parker House Hotel in Boston. 

At The Exchange, the Parker House Rolls are freshly baked, with a soft, tender interior and a delightful buttery flavor that’s simply irresistible. These rolls are a testament to the enduring charm of classic American cuisine and a reminder that great culinary traditions never go out of style. 

Experience a Taste of History

When you dine at The Exchange at The Restoration Hotel in Asheville, you’re not just enjoying a meal; you’re savoring a piece of American culinary history. The Parker House Rolls, with their rich heritage and timeless appeal, are a testament to the enduring power of great food to connect us to the past and create memorable experiences in the present. So, the next time you visit Asheville, be sure to indulge in the delicious taste of history at The Exchange, where Parker House Rolls continue to delight and inspire.